Crescent Arts

Crescent Arts is a dynamic, forward thinking group, aiming to change hearts and minds, to bring about a positive transformation in people's opinions and perceptions regarding Islam in our United Kingdom.

“Before positive action, comes the knowledge and mutual respect”, and we believe this is where we can help. Distributing positive messages, explaining topical issues in Islam, and bringing people together to stimulate useful debate. Our dynamic group has the experience and motivation to help individuals, groups, even society to dispel falsehood and learn to respect one another.

We have worked extensively since 2001, involving our local community and even constabulary, to bring the real voice of Muslims to the forefront, and attempt to diminish negative misconceptions about our beautiful faith. We want people from all faith groups, to work and live peacefully together, respecting differences and also focusing on common issues to reduce prejudice on both sides, and bring about stronger bonds, and create a “bigger, helpful society".

We intend to promote simple ideas and projects- workshops for adults and school children, art exhibitions, debates, school talks, even formal dinners and speeches. These platforms bring people together from all walks of life, to learn from one another for the sole purpose of improving ourselves, improving our society, improving our country, and ultimately improving our world.

It’s from this view point we intend to start from and build upwards and onwards.